About us

What does be.boosted do?

Our primary activities are training, conferences, mentoring, and interconnecting our members. We aim to strengthen the self-awareness and skills of up to 30 students a year taking part in our training programmes (Team WorldMUN and Team LIMUN).  This also includes a one-on-one alumni mentoring for each of our fellows throughout the programme. Participants can test their improved and newly developed skills at Model United Nations conferences (Read more on MUNing in the according FAQ section). As an association, we foster cooperation within our alumni network to improve the respective communities we are part of and to further learn from one another. Lastly, our work beyond the fellowship includes hosting our own conferences, expert sessions, and alumni networking events and workshops – open to alumni, current fellows and all those interested.
As mentioned above, be.boosted organises two training programmes annually – Team WorldMUN & Team LIMUN. Team WorldMUN is named after the annually changing location of the Harvard WorldMUN conference. Next year’s conference will be held in Taipei in March 2024, hence the WorldMUN team 2023/24 will be called Team Taipei.

Team Taipei 2024 will be the more MUN-focused program that will deepen your personal development as well as your rhetoric, debating and negotiation skills. This program culminates in practice at London International MUN and Harvard WorldMUN in Taipei and has a general focus on global diplomacy, especially Taiwan’s current political situation.
Team LIMUN is our parallel fellowship with a specific focus on boosting others. While the training program and participation at the LIMUN conference are similar to Team Taipei, this program culminates in the boosting:others challenge: The fellows put their acquired skills into practise by designing and running  their own workshops in cooperation with a social enterprise.
What is be.boosted's mission?

Behind all our actions stands our motivation to shape future global leaders, that is to support young people like you develop the skills you need to drive the change you want to see in the world.​

Who is working behind the scenes of be.boosted?

The team at the heart of be.boosted are more than 20 students and young professionals, who work for be.boosted on an entirely voluntary basis without any financial benefits. Our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds and places and have all completed the Fellowship in one of the previous years.

What has be.boosted achieved so far?

Since the foundation of be.boosted in 2013, we have trained more than 200 future global leaders in ten generations. Our participants have put their skills into practical use, founded their own startups and conferences, are leaders in business and research or have won social engagement prizes. 

We have helped them develop their own leadership styles and equipped them with skills in public speaking, negotiation and networking. By accompanying the fellows on their road to becoming the leaders they want to be, be.boosted has an impact far beyond the program itself, improving communities through our participants’ individual diverse engagement. 

Moreover, we established a network of highly talented and ambitious young people, who help and inspire each other both personally and professionally. Additionally, we continue to win awards at MUN. In the last three years alone, we have won 39 Diplomacy Awards at LIMUN as well 10 Diplomacy Awards at Harvard WorldMUN and, more importantly, we are honored with Delegation Awards at LIMUN and WorldMUN.

Is be.boosted completely volunteer driven?

be.boosted is a non-profit organization that started out as a completely student-run initiative.  All of our team members work on a voluntary basis. Since the foundation of be.boosted, many of our alumni have graduated, becoming young professionals, experts and leaders in their respective fields. We continue to work together and build our project on their skills and expertise. In addition, we are fortunate enough to collaborate with external experts whose backgrounds range from business to international organizations or politics, and who are willing to let us and our network partake in their vast experience.

the fellowship

What will I learn during the fellowship?

The fellowship is centered around your personal development. Our weekly training sessions focus on improving your skills in public speaking, debating and persuasive negotiation. We will also help you to understand and shape group dynamics and networking.

We are convinced that self-reflection combined with peer feedback is not only a fun way to get to know yourself and the other fellows, but that it is key to sustained development and lifelong learning. We will therefore focus on and teach these tools to facilitate your joint learning experience.

While we use the MUN platform to teach personal & leadership skills, what you will learn is applicable beyond this context, so that anybody – be it an experienced MUN-attendee or a complete newbie – will have the opportunity to grow and refine their skillset.

What is the difference between Team LIMUN & WorldMUN?

While team WorldMUN participates in Harvard WorldMUN conference as a final challenge, team LIMUNs final challenge is boosting:others. There you will be given the opportunity to step into the role of a trainer. In small groups, you‘ll work together to devise your own workshops on public speaking and negotiation, drawing on the skills and knowledge acquired during your fellowship. In short: Team WorldMUN adds another offline weekend and five-days Harvard WorldMUN while Team LIMUN adds one more weekend for the boosting:others challenge.

​Have a look at our fellowship page to see all the differences in detail.

Which costs are associated with the programme?

be.boosted is a student-driven initiative run on a voluntary basis. The program is funded by voluntary contributions, sponsors and fundraising from the fellows as a team effort. The membership contribution is 300€ for Team WorldMUN and 200€ for Team LIMUN. This enables your participation in an intense five month personal development and leadership training programme which includes weekly online trainings, two to three offline training weekends and expert sessions. This leads up to the participation of both teams at LIMUN and for the more extensive programme also at WorldMUN in Taipei. Within set boundaries we will cover your travel expenses to the offline weekends and to both conferences (about 80€ per offline weekend; higher for travel to WorldMUN). We also cover your conference fees at LIMUN and WorldMUN and your accommodation in London and Paris. At offline weekends we aim to accommodate all fellows using our alumni network.

All additional costs, such as personal expenses or costs for socials at the conferences (40€ –  100€) are not included.

You will receive your travel support after handing in all of your receipts at the end of the fellowship (approx. April / May). be.boosted is a non-profit and voluntarily run organisation, which means that we rely on financial support ranging from grants to corporate sponsors. Thus, we might ask you to give us a hand in this process, for instance by approaching your University/College or other grant schemes available to you. We believe your involvement increases team spirit, motivation and program adherence.

If you need additional information, please feel free to contact our team and we will provide you with all details based on the experience of our past fellows. In case of financial hardship, do not hesitate to contact our team as well. We will do our best to make our programme available to you irrespective of your financial background.

Whats the time commitment expected from me as a fellow?

We get this question a lot! The fact that past fellows successfully studied, travelled, did job interviews and founded companies (yep, that happened!) during the fellowship shows that the time commitment is manageable as a full-time student. During the first weeks of training, we estimate you will need to spend approximately 1,5 – 3 hours per week for the weekly online call and weekly training exercises.

On top of this, there will be offline training weekends – three for Team WorldMUN and two for Team LIMUN (have look at our timeline on the fellowship page and check your calendar). The weekends will start on Friday afternoon and will run until Sunday afternoon. The whole offline weekends are an integral part of the Fellowship and participating in all conferences and offlines of the fellowship is mandatory for our programme.

In the run up to LIMUN/WorldMUN next year (i.e. in February and March 2024), you will spend some more time to prepare for the conferences, but this will as well be manageable (min. 1-3 days). 

After the fellowship, we encourage all of our participants to stay involved with be.boosted and become an active part of our alumni community.

Can I participate in both programmes?

Not at the same time, but it’s absolutely possible to apply for one Team when you were previously part of the other.


What is MUN?

“MUN” is the abbreviation for Model United Nations. It is a simulation where students slip into the role of diplomats to the United Nations. Representing a foreign nation, they debate current affairs on the councils of the UN such as the Security Council, the World Health Organisation or other international forums. As an example, previous fellows discussed topics as water scarcity, space debris, the effects of climate change on indigenous women and the future of the NATO. For us, MUN Conferences represent the perfect playing field for applying leadership skills as well as seeing your progress with be.boosted.

Note that no prior knowledge on MUN, international relations or diplomacy is required to participate in our programmes. You will be taught all necessary skills.

What can I learn from MUN?

From MUNing with us, you’ll gain valuable insights into international relations and current affairs, you’ll be able to meet students from around the world, and grow your network of inspiring peers. At the heart of our mission, we use MUN to teach you the skills that make the world go round. We strongly believe the setting of MUN is the perfect challenge to simulate leadership challenges that will await you down your career path, and help you learn how to effectively face them.

How successful is be.boosted at MUNing?

We are proud that many delegates and MUN friends have told our delegates they were excelling at the conferences they attended. Our MUN mantra is to take responsibility for driving committees forward, and to do so in a fair and inclusive manner. This has led many other delegations to tell us how much they enjoyed working with our delegates. If you want the hard facts: be.boosted trainers are proud to report that our delegation is the three times consecutive best German team at Harvard WorldMUN. In the last four years alone, we have won more than 39 Diplomacy Awards at LIMUN, 10 Diplomacy Awards at Harvard WorldMUN and were proudly honored as a team with Delegation Awards at both conferences. Even more important than that is seeing how impressively much the fellows develop and grow together within the few months of the fellowship.

“(…) They know what they are doing and they have already taken all the steps to create the ladder you need when dropping the M from MUN (…) Each and every one of their activities actually brings you a step closer to becoming a diplomat.”
Alexia Sideris, a passionate MUNer and member of various MUN associations on munplanet in 2018.

Do I have to leave my MUN society to join be.boosted?

Not at all! We encourage you to stick to your MUN society, and see which of the things you learn from us you can apply there, too, and vice versa. However, during the be.boosted fellowship, in particular at LIMUN and WorldMUN, you will represent be.boosted.

Application Requirements

Who can apply for the fellowship?

Applications are open to enrolled students from all fields whose current location allows travel to Germany and European conference venues. The country of origin or the current study location do not matter as long as you are enrolled and able to attend offline events.

We are looking forward to diverse applications and invite you to apply regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, social status, or any other diversity dimension.

What are the requirements for Team LIMUN & WorldMUN?

We require that you will be able to participate in all offline weekends to participate in our teams, as well as our weekly online trainings. We also expect you to attend the MUN conferences at the end of the programmes.

Team WorldMUN: 3 offline weekends – LIMUN (one weekend) – WorldMUN (five days)
Team LIMUN: 2 offline weekends – LIMUN (one weekend) – boosting:others challenge (one weekend)
(please find the exact dates in the timeline on our fellowship page)

You also need to be enrolled in a university for the duration of the programme. You do not need to be a German citizen to participate, neither do you have to live in Germany as long as you can attend all offline events.

Our Recruiting Day will take place on October, 14th!

Do I need to be enrolled in order to apply?

You need to be able to show a proof of enrolment as a student at a university in February & March during your fellowship. It does not matter where you study and we welcome applications from PhD students as well.

Do I need to speak German to participate?

No. All our trainings and events are conducted in English.

Do I need to have an A+ average?

No. Academic performance is one of multiple selection criteria and is always reviewed in context of the application as a whole. We ask you to submit an official Transcript of Records for comparability between different fields of study and your academic progress. We also need this to evaluate whether we think you will be able to properly handle the fellowship without negatively influencing your study success.

Are you looking for people who already have MUN experience?

No. Our training programme is designed to build your MUN skills from the ground up and we cover everything you need to know to succeed at LIMUN and WorldMUN. That being said, we do think that some MUN experience can help you during the fellowship and that it can also be beneficial for your peers in the fellowship. However, in the past delegations, we have accepted numerous applicants without MUN experience, and we will continue to do so.

Are you looking for students with specific study backgrounds?

Not at all. In fact, our previous participants have come from diverse backgrounds including arts, science, and humanities. We welcome applications from all fields and encourage you to apply even if your academic background is not connected to politics or business.

All you need to be able to show is a proof of enrollment as a student at any university in February & March during your fellowship.

Application process

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline is at 23:59 on September 16th 2023.

What does the be.boosted recruiting process look like?

In the first round of the selection process all applicants are asked to fill out an online form on our website. Based on our selection criteria, applicants are invited to a second round consisting of either an online interview or the Recruiting Day.

During both, the Recruitment Day and the online interviews, you will participate in three different exercises testing your problem solving and public speaking skills. For most of the exercises, you will work together in a group of fellow applicants, making effective collaboration an important part of the process.

Final decisions are made shortly after the Recruitment Day.

Who decides about the applications/ who makes it into the fellowship?

The be.boosted recruiting team, consisting of trainer and alumni, reviews all applications. We have formulated clear internal selection criteria for every recruiting phase, and invite experienced members of the core team and alumni to join the selection committee. Final responsibility for selecting fellows rests with this selection committee. ​

What set of criteria is used to select people?

Our criteria for selecting fellows include

  • They demonstrate a keen interest in making an impact on society beyond academia,
  • They have international viewpoint, fostered by a migration background, a stay abroad, a working experience with internationals in Germany, or other similar experiences,
  • Their academic record allows them to follow the program without negative impact on their studies,
  • And most importantly, they demonstrate a great potential and eagerness to learn and develop.

Recruiting Day

& Online interviews

When and where will the Recruiting Day take place?

The Recruiting Day is going to take place on the 14th of October, 2023. We look forward to welcoming you in a major German city which we will announce soon, the exact address and all additional information will be forwarded to you via email.

Do I have to participate in the Recruiting Day in order to get into the fellowship?

We highly recommend you to be at the Recruiting Day as you will have a chance to meet be.boosted and your future fellow delegates. We are working hard on preparing a diverse program for you that’s more than “just” an application day and rather see it as your first opportunity to meet inspiring people, network and get to know the faces behind the program. This day will be an experience on its own! In case you cannot make it to the Recruiting Day, we also offer you the opportunity for an online interview. However, online spots are limited.

What is the dress code for the Recruiting Day?

The be.boosted team will be wearing smart casual clothing and you are invited to do so too. 

When and how are the Online Interviews going to take place?

For all those unable to attend the Recruiting Day, there will be the opportunity to attend an online interview between the 8th and 13th of October. Interviews will be performed via Zoom with an approximate length of 90 minutes. The exact dates will be scheduled beforehand according to your availability – we will contact you on time.


Who are the partners of be.boosted?

be.boosted works together with a variety of partners, including public bodies, companies seeking for future global leaders, high potential networks, experts from academia and other parts of society, as well as several student organisations.
Throughout the programme we offer several workshops and contact points to meet our partners.

What is the Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG)?

Since 2023 the Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) supports the leadership programme of be.boosted.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation (KSG) is a non-profit foundation with a focus on “Good Leadership”. Its guiding principle is the improvement of leadership in business and society through humanisticvalues. To this end, it supports projects that nurture the character development of young people and early career professionals in the areas of ethics, leadership, entrepreneurship, culture and technology. It supports around 80 external projects, as well as its own projects, with approximately 7.5 millionEuros annually. In 2023, the foundation was named “Academic Foundation of the Year”.

The Karl Schlecht Foundation, based in Aichtal and with offices in Berlin and Munich, was established in 1998 by Dipl.-Ing. Karl Schlecht, the founder of the concrete pump manufacturerPutzmeister.

Karl Schlecht Stiftung (KSG)
Gutenbergstraße 4 | 72631 Aichtal
Fon +49 (0) 7127 599 256

Why does be.boosted have partners?

The support of our partners helps us provide many of the benefits we deliver, such as travel funding or conference fees. Moreover, our partners, both individual and corporate, make their substantive expertise and knowledge available to our participants in talks, in panel session and in skill workshops.

More questions?
Drop us an email!

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