TEAM Madrid

The be.boosted delegation 2019 was selected in a competitive Germany-wide recruiting process. Browse through the short profiles of our delegates we put together below, and get a glimpse of who is part of the team and what makes them get up in the morning!

Also, have a look at the highlights of Harvard WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid, where our fellows excelled!



Nadine Palmowski

BA Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at RWTH Aachen

For me joining be.boosted means becoming part of an inspiring team full of deeply committed people. It also means standing up for your personal cause in a respectful and responsible way and developing a clear focus on how you want to contribute to our future society. I am convinced that everyone can help to make our world a better place with their own talents and beliefs. However, we do have to take on new challenges and opportunities that will challenge us and force us to get out of our comfort zone. I am sure it will be worth it.

Michael Bornholdt

BA Physics at Universität Hamburg

Moin Moin! My name is Michael and I am an open minded, extroverted and energetic physicist from Hamburg. I am passionate about teaching science, authentic leadership and self-improvement which is exactly what I expect to learn and improve considerably at be.boosted. I am keen to meet my inspiring team members and am especially looking forward to the competitive but exhilarating experience which are the MUN’s.

Esther Mönning

Medicine at the Universität Heidelberg

Being boosted in leadership is of very practical use to me, since I got elected head of a committee of medical students that focuses on reproductive health. I am thrilled to learn how to be the best leader I can be, to meet extraordinary young people and to see our progress throughout the programme. Leadership is about so much more than telling people what to do and it will be exciting to find out what we all excel in!

Lukas Haack

M.Sc. Media Computer Science at Technische Universität Dresden

Studying Media Computer Science, I have joined the be.boosted delegation to collaborate with like-minded people on an international basis, debate topics that determine our future as a society and lead diverse people towards a common goal that benefits all. With love for music, code and design; adventurousness and wanderlust I travel this world in an open-minded way, ambitiously trying to make it a better place.

Celine Li

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford

Coming from a bilingual background (German with Chinese roots), I have long been interested in international relations and diplomatic affairs. Through be.boosted, I am not only enabled to gain first-class MUN experience, but can also boost extremely valuable skills, such as public speaking, negotiation and reflection. I am excited to step out of my comfort zone, to meet other inspiring people from across the globe and to grow together to an amazing team.

Dominic Fess

BA Business & Economics at Universität Frankfurt

The initial curiosity about be.boosted turned into real excitement when I learned more about it. To shape universally important skills like negotiating or public speaking is great. Doing this in an environment of inspiring people who aim to make a difference just adds to this. I am very much looking forward to experiencing the spirit of be.boosted. Finally, WorldMUN presents a challenging and intriguing platform to apply the skills gained to the urging problems we face in today’s world.

Tobias Vanselow

Medicine at Universität zu Lübeck and the University of Aberdeen

In medical school, factual knowledge and non-negotiable guidelines quickly become your safe environment. However, personal growth doesn’t happen in your safe environment. It requires you to step out of it. To create a zone where everyone pushes beyond limits, is eager to walk the extra mile and willing to grow collectively is what be.boosted means to me. I’m excited to join the delegation for WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid. I’m excited to be here.

Philipp Scholz

MA Integrated Social Sciences at TU Braunschweig

I have two passions in life: magic and public speaking. Magic gives my audience a sense of wonder whereas public speaking gives them ideas. What I love about them is that both leave people better than before. I am thrilled and honored to be part of be.boosted because of the alumni and team members I already got to meet. They show me what’s possible in life and challenge me to grow in ways I have not thought possible before.

Paul Rostin

Medicine at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

As a medical student who is also passionate about politics, I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to advance my communication and leadership skills as a member of the be.boosted team. I am thrilled to get to engage with so many highly motivated and talented characters from different backgrounds united in their desire to contribute their part in moving the world ahead. I am looking forward to broadening my horizon and spending an amazing time with the team.

Willy Gölz

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Economics at Universiteit van Amsterdam

During times of increasing isolation from global issues, I believe that the promotion of intercultural exchange is essential. Leaders with strong communication skills are needed to bring together people with different backgrounds and opinions. be.boosted provides me with the great opportunity to work on my communication and leadership skills in a professional manner. I am looking forward to an intense time full of challenges and fun together with inspiring fellows!

Konrad Wienert

MSc Business Administration and Engineering at Leibniz Universität Hannover

Joining Harvard WorldMUN 2019 in Madrid is an awesome opportunity for me to get a glimpse of the working style within the UN, to practice negotiating, to meet international motivated people and grow personally with every challenge at the conferences. As I could imagine myself working for the UN or an associated institution, this experience will be the first step to question and sharpen my goals.

Magdalena Bartelt

M.Sc Psychology and M.A of Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources at Humboldt University of Berlin and Sciences Po Paris

As a student of both Psychology and Organizational Behaviour & Human Resources, interdisciplinary, responsibility and diversity are values that I highly appreciate because of their potential that develops through the exchange of inspiring ideas and successful communication. Thus, I am excited to seize this opportunity and learn those skills in a team of such enthusiastic and talented people!

Torben Heinsohn

Medicine at the University of Oxford

Originally from Hamburg I studied Medicine in Cambridge and Oxford. Early on I developed interests beyond a limited curriculum and after working on community health in Tanzania and the refugee crisis in Greece I founded an NGO running innovative projects in collaboration with Nairobi students. I hope that be.boosted will help me excel in my current work and a future in global health and the humanitarian sector.

Annika Stechemesser

MSc leading to PhD, Mathematics of Systems

As a mathematician it is my passion to explore complex systems. Politics and international relations are some of the most important complex systems shaping our modern world. I joined the be.boosted delegation to WorldMUN 2019 to gain a new perspective on these topics by meeting inspiring people from different backgrounds. I’m excited about learning from, and with, the other fellows and look forward to the great time we will be having growing together as a team that is passionate about making a positive impact.

The Trainers

Every year a core set of trainers takes on the challenge to make the fellowship become reality with the help of our head of skills, former head of skills, and the board of project directors. These core trainers also accompany our delegates to LIMUN and WorldMUN as advisors. However, throughout the fellowship a diverse set of alumni help out with the fellowship project and training in different ways: helping out with the selection process, chairing mock debates, participating in simulations, sharing expert content, being a mentor, raising funds, communicating with sponsors and more.

Johanna Oesinghaus

Johanna is a Bachelor student of European Studies at the University of Passau. She loves to discover knowledge and improve skills as well as to share both with others. So becoming a trainer for be.boosted was an easy decision for her. Johanna is a passionate dancer and traveller. She’s been part of Team Montreal 2017 and was already a trainer for the be.boosted delegation to LIMUN 2018.

Christian König

Christian studies Politics, International Studies and Global Sustainable Development in his third and final year at the University of Warwick in Coventry (UK). He was a be.boosted Fellow in 2017 and trainer and Advisor for the be.boosted delegation to LIMUN 2018. Motivated by the challenge be.boosted provides, the inspirational environment and people he gets to work with and the various skills he as acquired since he joined the project, Christian is extremely excited to train this years delegation. He is passionate about public policy and political discourse, problem-solving and the dynamics of urban environments.

TEAM London

Team London is a delegation recruited directly from our grow.zone participating in the 20th anniversary version of London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) 2019. Together with Team Madrid 2019 they are forming the be.boosted delegation to LIMUN 2019.

Browse through the short profiles of our delegates we put together below, and get a glimpse of who is part of the team and what makes them get up in the morning!

Max Hillenbrand

State Examination in Law at the University of Passau and BSc Industrial Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

I am very excited about TEAM LIMUN as it provides a unique opportunity to be part of a network of driven and ambitious individuals. It is already an inspiring, motivating and positively challenging experience. One objective of mine is to get a better understanding how decision-making processes work on an international level. I truly look forward to the offline session in Munich and our final milestone LIMUN.

Svenja Küchenhoff

MSc Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Actively changing what bothers you instead of complaining about it is one mantra I am trying to follow. Although this is not always easy, I am convinced that only when being open to change, one can make the world a little bit better. be.boosted offers me the perfect platform to push myself even more in the direction of an active changer. I am very excited to join the delegation and I am looking forward to challenging debates, fruitful feedback and interesting thoughts from inspiring people.

Alexander Maxelon

BSc Business and Economics at WHU

Intercultural understanding and effective communication are now more important than ever and a central element for success. I think that be.boosted perfectly combines these two elements and allows us to look beyond the boundaries of everyday life. I am therefore very excited about the upcoming months and hope to be able to meet many interesting people as well as improve my argumentation and negotiation skills.

Michael Göpper

MSc Economics University of Oxford

Joining Team LIMUN is a unique opportunity for me to learn and improve many practical skills while participating in a MUN for the first time and meeting many inspiring people. I am especially eager to learn more about effective communication and negotiation. Being faced with challenges in the coming months, to grow and overcome them and becoming one team for LIMUN are things I look forward to with great anticipation.

Khanh-Ly Nguyen

MSc Material Sciences at TU Darmstadt

Climate change is the big challenge of our generation. We hold our future and that of upcoming generations in our hands. Fighting climate change means finding solutions in various complex areas: technological, political, economic and social rethinking is required and strong leaders with excellent negotiation skills are needed. I look forward to join be.boosted, a network of talented and inspiring people, to take the next step towards my goal.

Sophia Häusler

Medicine at Charité Berlin

To me, be.boosted is an opportunity to meet people who challenge and inspire me to expand my horizons beyond my field of study. Team LIMUN gives me the chance to learn the ground rules of diplomacy and negotiation, both of which are skills that will help to accomplish my goal of working in the field of public and global health. I’m looking forward to developing personally and becoming part of an amazing team.

Mathea Bernhardt

BBA Hons International Business Management at Lancaster University Management School (UK) and ESB Business School (DE)

Growing up in different countries and experiencing cultures from around the world inspired me to work in an international environment and to focus my interests on international relations. I enjoy challenging myself and continually searching for new opportunities for personal development. Joining be. boosted gives me the chance to get in touch with highly motivated and inspiring people who are united in their aspiration to work together collaboratively and drive positive change in the society. 

Philip Brian Simpson

MSc Psychology of Sport and Exercise Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

I was just accepted to a sport psychology PhD program in Canada, where I will be examining coaching and leadership behaviours. Thus, I am highly intrinsically motivated to learn more about these and related qualities in an interdisciplinary team. I believe that practice, reflection, and stepping outside of my comfort zone will help me and the rest of the fellows grow professionally and personally. And to do so, the experience and expertise of the be.boosted network provides an optimal foundation.

The Trainers

Every year a core set of trainers takes on the challenge to make Team London, a delegation recruited from our grow.zone, become reality with the help of our head of skills, former head of skills, and the board of project directors. These core trainers also accompany our delegates to LIMUN as advisors. However, throughout the programme a diverse set of alumni help out with the training in different ways: chairing mock debates, participating in simulations, sharing expert content, being a mentor, and more.

Natalia Filvarova

Natalia graduated from the University of Oxford in 2016 and currently works on her PhD in Systemic Neuroscience in Munich. She is a Neuroscientist in the making, and strives to promote science and access to education to everyone. Natalia has been part of Team Panama 2018.

Khoi Nguyen

Khoi has been part of Team Panama 2018 and is currently an undergraduate student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick. He is happy to be on the other side of the project, as he is passionate about improving people’s lives and active in student politics.