TEAM Taipei

Benedikt barfus

Studies Law at Bucerius Law School Hamburg

I’m passionate about international politics: Our world is interconnected, and so are the monumental challenges we face, from climate change to making democracy prevail. Sustainable solutions thus require finding inclusive, transboundary answers. The be.boosted fellowship enables me to use my words and leadership more effectively to build those bridges – and a thrilling journey with lots of awesome, driven people!

Steven becker

PhD student in Physics at Max Planck Institute Erlangen

I am part of Be.Boosted because the fellowship provides a fostering environment formed by talented individuals who are eager to learn. It is an opportunity to expand my knowledge of international relations and leverage my rhetoric, a skill that demands practice, failure, and reflection. After the fellowship, I would like to be more involved in bridging the gap between science and politics and give speeches at friends’ weddings.

Carlotta Hölzle

Studies Computer Science at Technical University Munich

I joined the delegation to enhance my leadership and soft skills, aiming to enrich my technical knowledge with the power of interdisciplinary thinking. What excites me most is the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, challenge my worldviews and build a network of inspiring fellows. I am deeply passionate about harnessing data to address pressing global issues, leveraging AI for solutions, while ensuring inclusivity in the data and therefore the digital world. Fun fact: No one ever correctly guesses that I study computer science.

Johanna Gring

Studies Mathematics and Physics at École Polytechnique Paris

I am excited to join be.boosted to improve my communication and leadership skills. With many global challenges like the climate crisis, I believe it is essential to understand how to excite people for a cause and work in a team that thrives in diversity. Be.boosted promises me to join such a diverse team. As a competitive debater, I am excited to further sharpen my skills in public speaking and negotiation. I look forward to starting my journey with Team World MUN.

Caroline Knop

Studies Medicine at Charité Berlin

Combining my passions for medicine and international affairs, I got involved in Global Health. When advocating on conferences like the World Health Assembly, I often wished for a soft-skill training which would help me to get my messages across even better. I cannot wait to enter the be.boosted training ground and to dive deeper into the world of negotiations and international decision making. Let us challenge traditional viewpoints and change the world for the better!

Jonatan von Molke

Studies International Affairs at Hertie School of Governance Berlin

Jonatan von Moltke is a Master’s student of International Affairs at the Hertie School in Berlin, but currently pursuing a Professional Year at the Stabilisation Platform. There, he is gaining insights into the stabilization efforts of the German Federal Foreign Office. He grew up in Geneva, studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in his Bachelor’s in Amsterdam, and is very fond of basketball, halloumi, and jazz.

Nikolai Ratajczak

Studies Medicine and Philosophy at RWTH Aachen

As a medical student I often pondered how to best address pressing public health issues. The realization that individual patient care can sometimes merely serve as a band-aid for deeper political issues was both frustrating and enlightening. My search for broader, more comprehensive perspectives and possible solutions led me to delve into the ethics of public health. Now, with be.boosted, I am excited to explore the realm of the political “art of the possible”.

Helena Rosengarten

PhD student in Medicine at Charité Berlin

I have a profound passion for elevating human well-being and constantly seeking to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. I value empathic communication and find inspiration in passionate leaders. I am excited about the opportunity to connect with incredible and inspiring individuals at be.boosted!

Konstantin Scheuermann

PhD student in Management at University College London

At a time when misinformation prevails, and global challenges demand unified solutions, evidence-based policy-making is crucial. As a PhD researcher specializing in cross-sector collaboration and digital innovation, I view this fellowship as a brilliant opportunity to amplify my advocacy for science in policy-making. I am eager to acquire skills that will enhance my ability to translate research into impactful, inclusive policies and practices.

Anja Senkmüller

Studies Finance and Information Management at Technical University Munich

Today’s ever more complex world needs creative problem-solvers, effective communicators, and empathetic collaborators. I am thrilled to meet such people from diverse backgrounds at be.boosted and further develop my skills in an inspiring team. Having lived and studied in Australia, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, and Uganda, I believe development, prosperity, and peace depend on innovation and financial enablement.


Elisa Sommer

Studies Mathematics at Ulm University

Diversity of thought drives innovation. While I aim to pursue a career in quantitative finance, I deeply value stepping out of the mathematics bubble to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds. This perspective not only broadens my horizon but also fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, vital for tackling complex global challenges. I am excited for the journey with team Taipei!

Rabea Sobirey

PhD student in Medicine at Charité Berlin

I am excited to join be.boosted for the unique opportunity to learn with talented students from diverse academic backgrounds. Interdisciplinary communication is essential to solving global problems, and I am looking forward to challenging myself as part of Team Taipei while contributing my previous experience in medical research and health communication.

The Trainers

Patrick von Rakowski

Patrick was a member of Team WorldMUN Paris 2023. This fall, he’s back to hitting the books, studying International Affairs and European Governance at Graduate Institute Geneva and the Hertie School. But before that, he spent the last year working on crisis management for the European Union. Patrick’s all about bringing people together and celebrating our differences. He’s a big fan of spending time outdoors, especially in the mountains, and he absolutely loves being in untouched nature. When he’s not out adventuring, you’ll find him hooked on audiobooks and hitting the pavement as a passionate runner. He’s all about combining the two for maximum enjoyment.

Lena Seelig

Lena was part of Team WorldMUN in 2023. Studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Utrecht University, she is currently on exchange in Australia taking courses in gender studies. Her main interest lies in gender equality, and she is genuinely passionate about making a difference in this field. Lena enjoys engaging in debates and finds inspiration in the company of like-minded individuals. During her free time, she loves staying active, soaking up the sun, and spending quality time with her friends. Lena is excited to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with the new fellows, empowering them to discover their own leadership styles and find inspiration in each other.

Fabian Moormann

Fabian was part of Team London 2022 and is currently in his final year studying Political Science and Economics in Münster. His friends describe him as always being keen to debate and therefore, he sees be.boosted as a great opportunity to meet fellow debaters from all over Europe. Through the fellowship, Fabian found a way of not only learning, but living value-based leadership in a space where it is easy to leave his comfort zone. Besides be.boosted, he is working in corporate social responsibility and engaged in voluntary consulting for youth start-up founders. In his free time, you will find Fabian doing witty university sports like “Völkerball”, or simply watching unnecessary detailed YouTube documentaries.

TEAM London

David Pham

Since I was young, I constantly looked for ways to improve myself. From being a lifeguard to winning the second biggest mock-up trial in Hong Kong I recently returned from my exchange year in South Korea. After these adventures, I am now continuing with my law degree. I realized that skills like leadership, negotiation, or public speaking are not being taught in law school. This is why I took the chance to become a fellow at be.boosted to improve these skills. I am looking forward to engaging with other inspiring fellows!

Laurenz Heidrich

Hey! I’m Laurenz, a Robotics, Cognition, and Intelligence (RCI) student at TU Munich with a focus on vision-based AI. I’m passionate about connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study. In our rapidly changing world, cross-disciplinary understanding and effective communication are invaluable. This is particularly vital in the context of AI, which is a constant topic of discussion in politics and society. As a member of Be.Boosted, I’m excited to broaden my knowledge in various disciplines, enhance my leadership and public speaking abilities, and gain a global perspective on current issues.

Verena Ott

Studying Organizational and Industrial Psychology, I’ve always been interested in responsible leadership and fostering successful teams. By joining be.boosted, I am looking forward to gaining new insights into these topics and to further developing my communication and negotiation skills.  Besides going on this journey with the other inspiring fellows, I am particularly excited about sharing our learnings through the boosting:others challenge.

Amelya keles

In an increasingly complex world, we need to consider a multitude of perspectives to enrich the decision-making process with a broader range of ideas and insights. My decision to join Be.Boosted is driven by the dual purpose of not only acquiring knowledge and insights to improve my personal leadership skills, but also actively participating in substantive discussions with the entire LIMUN team about fostering a more diverse approach to leadership.

Stella Imo

People from all over the world coming together, learning about international politics, exchanging ideas and discussing the future of our society – I have found a passion for this when I started participating in the European Youth Parliament and taking part in different MUNs. For me, this should not only stay a hobby but also become the motivation and objective for my education and career. Studying Law with a focus on Public International Law, my aim is to go into international politics and contribute to a positive change in our society. I can’t wait for be.boosted to boost me towards this dream, while at the same time giving me the chance to further live out my passion.

Jonas Hohenforst

Every expert was once a beginner – Rutherford B. Hayes. For the sake of our future and the future of generations to come, it is crucial that we step up and prioritize one of the most important skills for humanity: the ability to work together. Raised as true democrat I am frightened how our political landscape drifts apart. We notice that our new leaders need to be social, cooperative and value driven. With “be.boosted” I am excited to work for a better future, to shape and be shaped by a new generation of inspiring peers with foci in multiple disciplines!

Leonie Anabell Steuernagel

Being a student in the medical field necessarily includes looking further than the individual patient and understanding how politics and social systems are interlinked with the challenges we see in our patients. Only through good communicational skills and secure leadership, politicians and policy makers are able to collaboratively implement change that hopefully improves the lives and health of many. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this year’s be.boosted programme and I am looking forward to learning and working with Team LIMUN!

Paul Künzle

My name is Paul and I’m more than excited to join be.boosted. For me, it was the transdisciplinary character of the program and the exciting people that convinced me to apply. The interconnected world we live in requires to find solutions we can most often find only through collaboration between the professions. Moreover, it requires to be able to challenge one’s own perspectives every time more information becomes available. be.boosted builds a community of outstanding peers and energizing mentors which nurtures such an exceptional environment, which provides students with all the skills to most effectively convey the insights of their specialty field.

Barbora Bromová

Early in my studies as well as throughout my early career experiences, I have come to appreciate the importance of being able to face complexity – as well as the immense value of programmes and communities like be.boosted in preparing young people to be able to do so thoughtfully. With this fellowship I am looking to enrich my graduate studies with new perspectives, skills and ways of seeing the world which will surely inform my professional as well as personal development.

Maximilian Stein

Studying Economics at the University of Potsdam, I have an interest for quantitative and regulatory economic aspects. After spending a certain time in a trade and investment department of a diplomatic mission in Berlin, I saw how different and therefore important communication and negotiation are in a bilateral-international political context with diverse stakeholders. Therefore, I’m glad to continue this development process within the  be.boosted fellowship and look forward to an intensive but enriched theoretical and practical learning.

Clara Friederike Speckmann

As a medical student at Charité in Berlin and soon-to-be doctor, I would like to dedicate my work to improving health worldwide. I enjoy asking and discussing global questions and would like to draw attention to the voices of people whose perspectives are often not visible.

I joined be.boosted to connect with others who share my interest in thinking outside the box and to grow individually and as a group – I am looking forward to this incredible journey together with my fellows!

Leonhard (Leo) Schneider

Studying Philosophy at University of Oxford. I hope to meet inspiring people and grow personally. Passionate about multilateralism, I am particularly excited to apply my knowledge of foreign policy in the context of the MUN conference, which I have always wanted to be part of in my student life. I am fascinated by the global governance challenges posed by climate change, new technologies and the future of the global order. I also like walking around in cities and nature, going to concerts and the movies, and sports (esp. basketball).

The Trainers

Jonas Wengel

Jonas was part of Team LIMUN 2023. He just finished his Bachelor in Business Informatics at Saarland University. Before he starts his Master’s, he will do some internships. According to him, the best thing about the fellowship at be.boosted are the people and the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. With a strong interest in start ups, leadership and negotiation, he is looking forward to share his knowledge gained in last years fellowship. Outside of be.boosted, he is passionate about cooking, traveling, sports like running or tennis, and other outdoor activities.

Caro von Lampe

Caro was a part of Team Paris 2023. Having recently completed her undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford, she is looking forward to starting a traineeship in the European Parliament in September. For her, be.boosted is about helping people discover their individual leadership styles and the kind of person they want to become. With a background in Performing Arts and Debating, she is excited to pass on her experience and passion to the next generation of fellows.

Jonas Alexander Kniffka

Jonas is a final year medical student at the University of Ulm, soon to embark on his practical year at the Technical University of Munich. In addition, he is enrolled as a doctoral student in biostatistics at the University of Heidelberg, thereby contributing to medical advancements in haematology. He strongly believes that tackling complex issues of the modern world requires open-minded communication. As a trainer for team LIMUN, Jonas aims at fostering an open environment that encourages mutual learning and collaboration and provides a framework for personal and professional growth among the fellows. Outside of his studies, you will find him on long train journeys, enjoying classic literature or engaging with podcasts on current politics.